Aura Dry/Senstive Skin Sample Pack (£15 Value)

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(Image shown is of full size bottles, not Sample size)

Each Sample Pack comes with:

  • Cleanser 3ml
  • HydroCream 3ml
  • Mask 3ml
  • Serum 3ml

Dry skins are characterized by a low activity of the sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Sebum is the natural oil produced by the skin that helps in protecting and retaining the moisture of the skin. When the sebum levels are low, the natural protection and the moisture content of the skin is also low, so the skin is prone to environmental assaults, thus the sensitivity of the skin increases, resulting in flaking and tightness of the skin, accompanied by itching, redness, cracking and in more severe cases bleeding and pain.

Sensitive skins are usually a consequence of dry skins and are characterized by a fine texture, having an insufficient keratinous layer, an unbalanced hydro-lipid film and blood vessels very close to the surface. As a result, any internal or external factors can easily register in the form of redness, dehydration and irritation.
Thus, the skin concerns for dry/sensitive skins are:

• Dryness
• Dehydration 
• Irritation/redness
• Flaky/tight/itchy skin

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